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Mobile Vet Practice
If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

~Dalai Lama

This is Orange. She belongs to Kevin, a client in Alviso. She's the bossiest girl-cat ever.

And then there is LilyWonka, the unofficial mascot of the Mobile Vet Practice. She begs to ride along on housecalls as she wants to be a vet someday, too!

Nan's kitty Patches, a 2011 little-old-lady-cat hospice patient, out for her daily constitutional. She took a leash walk nearly every day of her long life. 
Mobile Vet Practice
Dr Judy Owens
Stress-free gentle care for the pets in your home
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Serving San Jose and the South Bay Area
Sympathetic to the needs of grumpy cats and big dogs
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Services include
*well pet care
*sick pets, lab tests
*minor procedures
*hospice care

About Dr Owens

       Dr Owens with Puck
Dr Judy Owens
Mobile Vet Practice

San Jose, Santa Cruz, and surrounding areas

I work hard to improve the lives of my patients and their families.
My guidelines are honesty, integrity and science.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis in 1990.
BS in Biology with Honors, Indiana University.
Continuing Education: over 330 hours of additional coursework acquired at local, national and international continuing education conferences, with an emphasis on emergency, internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, and ultrasound.

Work history  After earning my doctoral degree, I worked in small animal medicine and surgery in California, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  I spent a decade as a staff veterinarian at one of northern California’s finest veterinary emergency hospitals, the United Emergency Animal Clinic.
  That much experience in emergency gave me the humility to expect the unexpected, and to never assume I know exactly what is going on. Working with such a variety of people in many circumstances, I learned a lot about humans and animals they never covered in school.
  I learned that life ends, and that insisting on expensive treatment to buy another hour is impractical at best, inhumane at worst.
  I learned that people make decisions for a variety of reasons, and just because things aren't obvious to me doesn't make them unreasonable. People tend to do things with the very best of intentions.
  I learned that all the science in the world won't grow some doctors a heart.
  Moderation in all things.

Housecalls: I started the Mobile Vet Practice in 2010. I had been an employee since the 1970's, starting as a high-school kid in fast food.  It was time to be my own boss.
Looking at the entire veterinary industry, there were basically 2 levels of care available for dogs and cats: they could be seen in a specialty clinic with internists, oncologists, surgeons, emergency doctors OR they could be seen in a smaller general practice "regular" vet hospital, equipped to take xrays, anesthetize for surgery and dentistry, board and groom pets.
 To me, it seemed a silly waste of resources to create another vet hospital with yet another xray machine that would sit idle for 22 hours/day, and try to siphon clients from the south bay area's top notch  "regular" vet hospitals.
   I decided to create a third tier, which I consider Primary Care. From my work in small animal emergency, I knew too well that recommendations made in a hospital may have little relevance to home care. I felt there was a need for deeper analysis of the entire situation, a solid view of a pet's environment/companions/family.    
  Now, seeing pets on housecalls, I can better understand the peeing cat's stressors, and meet the diabetic dog's diabetic granny. And the pets aren't all worked-up and crazy after a ride to the hospital, which is wonderful.
  If an animal needs a level of care that would be inappropriate or unsafe to try to deliver at home, I recommend  either a "regular" day-hospital, or I will refer to the specialists if advanced care is needed.
    An area of interest to me is the introduction of physical massage into the care of aging pets. There is ample evidence that physical therapy can help the aging. It's nice to be able to step away from medicine sometimes and treat the whole body as I would want to be treated myself.
 So, yeah! I do housecalls.

More personal info:  I have a cat, Puck, who is fat, black, beautiful and perfect in every way. My Service Dog LilyWonka, died in the fall of 2014. We are currently trying to work a new dog into the household. Rorschach is cute as anything but thinks he can do whatever he wants. It's an interesting process.
   My 3 kids, all in double digits now, are some of the most interesting and creative people I have ever met. They go to school out of state and continue to give me great joy in their exploits.
   My hobbies have included framing houses with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering in Physical and Occupational Therapy rehabilitation, dancing, biking, camping, pretending to speak foreign languages, and pursuing arts and sciences with my loony friends.

Interest in animal medicine I grew up in a busy medical household in Indiana. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse.  I always loved animals. The family joke is that, looking at old family photos, my mom has to name my aunts and uncles for me, but I’m the one who remembers each of the kitties swirling around their ankles. 

   I have many fond memories of clients and patients I have met over the years. 
I look forward to meeting you and yours.

--Dr Judy Owens

About Dr Owens
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